Author: happygoose906

How PBN works?

Internet Marketing

Similar to Social media marketing and SEO, Private Blog Network (PNB) is the next big thing when it comes to increasing your Google ranking. However, companies are not willing to invest the time and effort to have PNB implemented for their websites. So like every other service, this service is outsourced to people providing Private Blog Network service. To understand the efforts required, firstly its important understanding – What is PNB and how it works?

Firstly, PNB is nothing but a collection of expired domains that have great backlinks, so that they can pass the highest level of link equity to your money site or domain. To understand how PNB works, it is important to understand how Google’s search engine ranking works. When it comes to search engine ranking, the topmost ranking factor is the number and quality of the backlinks your website has. As per Google, over time all the content that is there, ends up equal in quality, so the number and quality of the backlinks determine at what position is your website displayed – it is on the top of the first page or at the bottom.


Everyone wants to be at the top and if you are one of those that always want to be on the top than you need to ensure that you or your website has many backlinks which are really good. To achieve this PBN is the shortcut method of increasing the number of quality backlinks that your website has. The only other way to get this done – is to have an outreach campaign for your website. That means sending out mass mailers. This method has its own cons – you need to have a tie-up with the mailers so that your email is not spammed, you don’t know where the content is displayed amidst all the mess. That further means that you can’t control the content that is displayed around your link. Any process can be tedious; hence hiring someone who provides Private Blog Network Service makes sense.

PBN takes care of all problems faced using the traditional method, by owning the website which links to your website. Not only PBN controls which website links to your website but it also controls the text that is displayed around the link.…