How to join a private tracker community


Public and private trackers may offer almost similar service but the main difference is, you will need an invite to join a private tracker website. This means with no membership, you will not have access to the contents in the site and the torrent downloads. You cannot register as a member if you have not received any form of invite. Private tracers offer better security, speeds, techniques, quality control and content selection. Joining the private community may not be hard but it may take a longer time than you expect. You have to evaluate the situation before you make a decision to join. If your Seedbox works at a perfect speed and has a stable ratio then is it really necessary? The communities are set depending on their interest, some all about downloading specific files, good quality music, retail eBooks, HD movies and copyright materials; join a tracker that will cater to your needs.

When you have the right community, the first step you take is to register a sign up tracker.  There are limits to how many trackers can sign up to a community so you have to start at the bottom. There are trackers who will invite you but you have to pay a fee to join the community. They do this to prevent people from trying to do illegal things in the system and lead to their closure. Others have pages with application forms that you will have to fill.  They use this forms to assess how willing you are to join the community. You will be forced to fill the long documents with different requirements to show your interest and materials.  You can also face some interviews in the system where you will join a channel and answer some questions. Once you pass through any of these, you will be good to join the community.